Tribute: Engr. Dr. Maikanti Kacalla Baru FNSE, FNIMechE, FAEng.

Another bright shining candle light has been blown off; It was our revered Past President, Engr. Ibraheem Khaleel Inuwa FNSE, FNIMechE, FAEng the “President and Commander in chief of the Unarmed Forces Everywhere & Anywhere” yesterday, today is our philanthropic professional, Engr. Dr. Maikanti Kaccalla Baru FNSE, FNIMechE, FAEng, it could be any of us tomorrow – there lies in the greatest lesson, a necessary end; every soul shall taste of death.

In the beginning, when we were just congealed blood, Allaah, Subahannahu Wa Ta’ala, the Creator (Al Khaaliq), the Evolver (Al Baariu), the Fashioner (Al Musawwir) and the giver of life (Al Muhyi) did not consult us or anyone before giving us life; so when He, the One (Al Ahad) and Sovereign (Al Malik) decides the time is rife, He certainly will not consult anyone, not even us, except for the lucky ones who may have signs shown to them. Inna lillahi wa inna alayhi rajuun (meaning: From God Almighty we came and to Him is our return).

All my professional encounters with Engr. Dr. M. K. Baru were very pleasant and rewarding. Engr. Dr. M. K. Baru was the reason behind the finishing of the NIMechE Secretariat at Gwarinpa (Abuja). I was in Misau when he supported APWEN to sponsor some girls through scholarship from primary level to tertiary level. I was also involved when he delivered eloquently the last Mechanical Engineering Distinguish Lecture (MEDL) at the NSE Headquarter on the 25th July, 2018. When Engr. Dr. M. K. Baru delivered the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU) convocation Lecture in Bauchi, I was there. His hands were also seen in the Main Campus Juma’a masjeed and the central library building under construction in the main campus. I was also part of the audience when he delivered the state of the industry address at the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum (OLEF) 2019 in Abuja. In all my involvement with him, he was simple, humble, exemplary and highly committed.

We pray to the Pardoner (Al Afuww) and Forgiver (Al Gaffar) of sins to light up his grave and make his passage smooth. May his soul, that of Engr. I. K. Inuwa and all departed faithful rest in aljanna firdaus, ameen. Allaahumma gfirhum wa rahamhu.

May we all leave an enduring legacy for humanity when it is our turn, Ya ArRahman, Ya ArRaheem, Ya Hayyu Ya Qayum, Ya Zul Jalali Wal Ikram.

Engr. Prof. Adisa, A. Bello
June 9th 2020

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