Completed Thesis

A. Undergraduate (B. Eng Mechanical/Production) – Over Seventy B. Eng theses have been supervised between 1994 to date

B. Postgraduate Diploma (PGD Mechanical Engineering Technology) – At least eight Post graduate diploma theses have been supervised between 2001 and 2006.


  1. Pellets of Groundnut shells and Maize cobs as fuel for domestic use by KYAUTA Ezekiel Elisha. PGS/2001-2002/203047 (M. Eng (Production) Degree, 2007)
  2. Production and testing of a Peugeot 504 bumper using sheep wool as a reinforcing material in a composite by YAKUBU DanMallam. PGS/04-05/2030100 (M. Eng (Production) Degree, 2008)
  3. Estimation of Parameters of Solar Furnace in Bauchi and its Environs by SHU’AIBU Stopmah Ibrahim. PGS/2004-2005/2030105 (M. Eng (Production) Degree, 2009)
  4. The Mechanical Properties of Recycled Thermoplastic wastes for industrial Use (A case study of a Simple Spur Gear) by IGE Salihu Ibrahim PGS/2001-2002/203033 (M. Eng (Production) Degree, 2010)
  5. Performance Evaluation of Improved Burning Stoves Fueled with Tropical Wood Species by ABUBAKAR Usman Abubakar PGS/98 – 99/203013(M. Eng (Thermal Engineering) Degree, 2012)
  6. Production and performance evaluation of Transesterified Neem (azadirachta indica) oil blends in Compression Ignition (CI) Engine by ABDULKADIR Lukman Niyi PGS/2008 – 2009/2030323 (M. Eng. (Production Engineering) Degree, 2013)
  7. Production of Car Fender using sisal reinforced polyester composite by GAI Friday Peter. PGS/2008 – 2009/2030327 (M. Eng. (Production Engineering) Degree, 2013)
  8. Optimization of Distribution Cost in a Food Processing Company. (A case study of Grand Cereals and oil mills limited (GCOML) Jos by ONWUSORO Celine Chinenye PGS/2008-2009/2030326 (M. Eng. (Production Engineering) Degree, 2015)
  9. Fracture testing of a self – healing polymer composite by Engr. Capt. C. O OGUMKA  PGS/2008-2009/2030331 (M. Eng. (Production Engineering) Degree, 2015)
  10. Mapping of Solar and Wind Energy Potentials in Plateau State, Nigeria by USMAN Abubakar Babuje PGS/10-11/2030336 (M. Eng. (Production Engineering) Degree, 2016)
  11. Computer aided Development of Prototype Dies for The Casting of Automobile brake Disc byAKABUIKE E. Emmanuel. (M. Eng. (Production Engineering) Degree, 2016)
  12. Simulation and Analysis of Active Damping for Vibration Control of a Full Car Model Using Linear Quadratic Regulator Controller by Yakubu, Godiya PGS/2013-2014/206002.(M. Eng (Mechatronics and Machine Design Engineering) Degree, 2018).
  13. Combustion and Thermal Behaviour of Blended Waste Crankcase Oil as substitute for industrial Heating by Luka, Bobby Shekarau, PGS/11-12/20130346 (M. Eng. (Power and Process Engineering) Degree, 2018)
  14. Development of Desert Date Endocarp (Balanite Aegyptiaca) Particles Reinforced Polypropylene Matrix Composite for Vehicular Instrument Panel Application by Haruna Maidawa PGS/14-15/2/M/2247 (M. Eng. (Production Engineering) Degree, 2019)
  15. Production and Performance Characteristics of N-Butanol Blended with Gasoline in Spark Ignition Engine by AbdulAzeez AbdurRahman PGS/2011-2012/2030350(M. Eng. (Power and Process Engineering) Degree, 2019)
  1. Incoming Solar Radiation Measurement: Progress in Pyranometry for improved modeling byDale Waida Medugu. PGS/2006-2007/405060 (PhD in Energy Studies, 2012)
  2. Domestic Energy Use in The North East – A case Study of Bauchi state by Adeyemi Kafayat Olafunke PGS/2004-2005/2030167. (PhD in Energy Studies, 2013)
  3. An Evaluation of Wind Power Density on the Basis of Weibull and Rayleigh Distribution Models in Nigeria by ABDULLAHI Ahmed PGS/2010 – 2011/2030184 (PhD in Energy Studies, 2015)
  4. Modeling Simulation and Validation of Solar Parabolic Trough Collector System Using Solar Position Coordinates of Bauchi bySINTALI Ibrahim (PhD in Energy Studies, 2017)
  5. Development and performance evaluation of a biogas digester for domestic applications using varied substrates by Ismaila, Jimoh Yarebu PGS/2009-2010/2030181 (PhD in Energy Studies, 2018)
  6. Design, Construction and Performance Prediction of a Gas Turbine Engine Combustor Chamber by Oyekunle, O. O. PGS/2001 – 2002/203066 (PhD in Energy Studies, 2019)
  7. Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Solar Flat Plate Collector Water Heater for Clinical Application by Gideon Ayuba Duvuna PGS/2011-2012/2030190 (PhD in Energy Studies, 2019)



  1. Design and Implementation of CNC Based PCB Drilling Machine by Momoh, Shehu Usman PGS/13-14/206007
  2. Production and Performance Evaluation of Bagasse-Coal Briquette for domestic applications by Garkuwa Yahuza Adamu PGS/10-11/2030334) (Awaiting external examination)
  3. Design and Construction of an Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heating System with stagnation, overheat and Bacterial Control by Adam Ahmad Muhammad (PGS/2013-2014/206013)
  4. Optimal Topological Arrangement of Queues in a Closed Finite Queuing Network: A Case Study of Swan Nigeria Plc by Mark Andy Jackden (PGS/15-16/2/M/3732)
  5. Comparative Performance of Jathropha Biofuels Blended with Kerosene and Diesel in Diesel Engines by Ogbaneme Abiodun Attegba (PGS/11-12/2030353) (Awaiting Senate approval)
  6. Design and simulation of an Automated Poultry Feed Mixing Machine using Process Controller by Isife, Joseph K (PGS/15-16/2/M/4147) (Awaiting Senate approval)
  7. Development and Performance Evaluation of Solar Dryer for Drying Green Tea Leaves in Mambila Plateau by Umar, Nuhu Musa(PGS/14-15/2/M/1941) (Awaiting external examination)


  1. Numerical Modelling of Forging and Extrusion Processes for sintered Dispersion-Strengthened Tin-Silica Composites by Mbaya, Emmanuel Ishaku (PGS/2006-2007/2030172)
  2. Integration of Solar-Biomass Power System into Nigeria’s Energy Mix: A case study of Duguriyel Village, Bauchi by Mohammed, Nuhu (PGS/15-16/2/P/5223)
  3. Energy Potential of Some Selected Agro Crop Residues for Small Scale Gasification Application in Bogoro Local Government Area by Kyauta, Ezekiel Elisha (PGS/12-13/2030193)
  4. Optimization and Development of Friction Materials for Brake Pad by Gai, Friday Peter (PGS/15-16/2/P/3871)
  5. Performance Evaluation of KRPC Steam Power Plant Based on Exergy Analysis by Abubakar, Haruna (PGS/16-17/2/P/6885)
  6. Solar-Wind Energy Potential For Rural Applications for Some Locations in Plateau State, Nigeria by Maren Ishaku Borok (PGS/14-15/2/P/3485)
  7. Development and Performance Evaluation of Bio-resin from Mango Kernel by Ahmed Sadiq Saidu (PGS/14-15/2/P/2933)